What Is Applied Art?

To many applied art is the application of an art, whether that be design or another form of art to make something pleasing aesthetically.  These fields can include interior design, architecture, fashion design, graphic design, industrial design and photography just to name a few.  Many people even like to include dance, massage therapy,  and martial arts in this form of art.

To look at the broader categories of applied art most known by the average person will be the focus of this post.  We intend to broaden your knowledge of what you think applied art is all about and help you identify the key aspects of each category.

To begin with interior design, which is an art all to itself.  This type of art involves designing the interior of a space, whether that is a building, room, or other type of indoor space.  Interior design is concerned with space planning and creating a comfortable and compelling interior space.

Architecture like interior design has to deal with a physical space and the look of that space.  Architects design buildings based on information acquired from a client.  Most people recognize architects as people that design residential spaces, but many architects focus on commercial, retail, municipal, and other building types.

Fashion design is another form of applied arts that looks at the deign of clothing items for people of all shapes and sizes.  Fashion designers look to set trends in the fashion/clothing world.  This may not just be pants, shirts and jackets, but can also consist of shoes, scarfs, eye glasses and any other type of accessory.

Graphic design deals with visual communication that can take place in print, video or physical.  This is a way of communicating an idea through graphics/art and using the visual aid to represent that idea.  Graphic artist work on all types of projects from television commercials to print advertising.

Industrial design is a form of applied art that involves designing products for use in practical items, such as automobiles and other types of machinery.  Often times this leads to mass produced items that can be used on different products.

Photography is an art that creates visual imagery that captures a scene for long-lasting memories.  Many times this form of art uses technology to capture an image for later use.  This use to consist of big bulky cameras, but today a cellular phone or even a watch can take these type of images.

Applied art has many forms and these categories above are just a beginning, and we will explore additional categories in the next few articles to help your overall understanding of this art form.