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Beautiful woman face. watercolor illustration

Welcome to the Phillips Art Expert Blog. If you are a lover of the arts, or just wanting to learn more about the arts, you have arrived at the right blog. Here you will learn about all different aspects of the arts. Below is a brief explanation of all the types of art that will be covered in this blog.

    • Fine Art – Which consist of drawings, painting, sculpture and printmaking. This is the area of the arts most known by the layperson. We will attempt to educate you on why this are of art is so treasured and must be preserved for future generations.
    • Visual Art – Which consist of contemporary arts (i.e. installation, performance). This area of the arts includes acting which is very popular in film and movie industry.
    • Decorative Art – Which consist of arts and crafts areas (tapestry, ceramics, pottery, stain glass, etc.). This area of the arts are usually taken up as hobbies by people to relax and use their creative side.
    • Applied Art – Which consist of architecture, industrial design, fashion design, interior design, etc. This area of the arts is more technical than the rest and requires additional skills than just a creative mind, you must also have skills in engineering and critical thinking.

Our job is to give you a broad knowledge base whether you are here to learn more about the arts, or you are a seasoned art enthusiast looking for ideas on your next project, we are here to inform. We will cover aspects of the arts that may not be as well known by many but are critical to others. For instance thinking about industrial arts and the design of automobiles and in particular attractively designed limousines are an art form. In addition, animation has been a growing art form that many people and film makers are drawn to.

So whether you are here to view the images and videos we have or learn something new for a term paper, we have all of your art needs covered. Phillips Art Expert is your premier resource for anything art related. We travel the globe searching for the best artifacts, art items, and structures around, so we can bring these results back to you.

If you happen to come across a piece of art you believe we should highlight on this sight, send us an email and let us know about it. Though we have a lot of resources to attain the best examples from around the world, we cannot possibly be everywhere, and that is where you come in. We also want you to interact with us on the site and give us ideas for topics you would like to see discussed. We have ideas for what we should talk about but our main job is to serve you the reader, and with that in mind we want to hear what you would like to see so we can be a better resource for you.

Art has taken its lumps throughout the years. Some of the careers in art are not as respected as others, but the necessity of the topic is unquestioned. We here at Phillips Art Expert are here to showcase the best that art has to offer and we hope you join us on this journey.